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33 Albums Recently Added
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Dovey JSA Authenticated 1980 Charlotte Set
Clark Groce Collection
Aronstein Gallery
1981 WTF Company Rochester Red Wings Set
1981 WTF Uncut Sheet
Schomper WTF Sheet
PSA WTF Counterfeit Gallery
Bowen Field: Bluefield, West Virginia
Miami Stadium: Miami, Florida
Crockett Park Gallery 2
Silver Stadium: Rochester, New York
1978 Aberdeen High School Annual Pictures
Washington Star Article: June 8, 1978
Sun Magazine: August 13, 1978
1980 Charlotte O's Program
1981 Charlotte O's Program
1982 Topps Triple Auto Project
Topps Vault Ripken Uncut Sheet Auction
February 2007 SCD Article
August 2007 Tuff Stuff Magazine
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